Career in Disability Support

Thinking of a Career as a Disability Support Worker?

Have you been dreaming of a career change?

If you have a passion for helping people and a yearning for a workday that’s far from mundane, then a career in disability support work could be your perfect fit.

At Focused Health Care, we’re on the lookout for dedicated in-home care support workers to join our team. If you’re hardworking, reliable, and enjoy both independent and team-oriented work, we’d love to connect with you.

Our team at Focused Health Care is committed to more than just support work. We don’t just help our clients get through the day, we’re passionate about nurturing each individual as a whole person.

Imagine a career where every day’s an opportunity to help your clients do the things they love, create moments of joy and shared adventure and empower them to live life on their own terms.

Disability support work isn’t just a job – it’s your chance to make a genuine difference in someone’s life.

If you’re ready for a career that goes beyond the ordinary, read on to learn more.

What is a disability support worker?

A ‘Disability Support Worker’ helps those living with a disability to live as independently and safely as possible by providing support with daily tasks and personal care.

But there’s so much more to the job than that. As a disability support worker, you’ll have an opportunity to make a real difference in your client’s lives. You’ll not only support independence and promote their physical health, but you’ll also foster their overall well-being through emotional support and shared companionship.

Far beyond a routine career, disability support is an active and rewarding profession where every day is a chance to connect meaningfully with your clients and their loved ones, building relationships founded on empathy and genuine care. With the right support, those living with a disability can live the life they want, on their own terms.

What does a disability support worker do?

There is no straightforward answer to this question as the day-to-day tasks of a disability support worker can vary. This is because the level of care and support you’ll provide to each of your clients will depend on the individual’s wants, needs and goals. You’ll tailor your care to each individual.

As a disability support worker, you’ll contribute to your client’s lives in many different ways, including:

  1. Assistance with daily tasks to support independent living like bathing, dressing, grooming and eating.
  2. Assistance with domestic tasks like shopping and preparing meals as well as household chores like cleaning and gardening.
  3. Some clients may need help to manage their medications or supervision with medication administration.
  4. Accompanying clients to outings, social events, errands or medical appointments. This could involve a trip to visit the client’s friends and family, a beach day, or a footy game.
  5. Collaborating with other healthcare professionals to ensure the holistic well-being of clients. Often your client will have a team of health professionals caring for them. You might work with specialists such as therapists, nurses, and doctors.

What training and qualifications do disability support workers have?

Ideally, you’ll hold a Certificate III or IV in Aged Care, Disability Support, or Individual Support. As well as a current first aid certificate plus Blue and Yellow cards.

Alternatively, if you’re currently studying in a similar industry like nursing, social work or aged care, working as a disability support worker while you study could help you gain valuable skills through hands-on experience.

But don’t worry if you’re not currently studying or if you haven’t got any formal qualifications yet. With the right attitude and some basic skills to build on, you may be able to start work as a disability support worker and gain your qualifications while you’re working.

Join Focused Health Care

As a disability support worker, you’ll not only provide essential care but also create moments of joy, share in adventures, and empower your clients to lead the lives they envision.

At Focused Health Care, we’re passionate about delivering more than just care services – we are dedicated to creating meaningful experiences for our clients. As a family-owned business led by Registered Nurses, we have a deep understanding and respect for both the medical and emotional needs of our clients. We’re committed to providing the highest quality, professional in-home care services.

If you’d like a meaningful and rewarding career that allows you to positively influence your client’s lives every day, we’d love to hear from you. You can learn more about working with us here.

Alternatively, if you, or someone you love, would like the reassuring, regular presence of a carer, please contact us.

*All information is general and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Focused Health Care can consult with you regarding your individual health needs.

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