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We know that your disability doesn’t define you

You are a unique person with your own interests, relationships and aspirations. Our job, is to provide the support you need to develop your skills, explore your interests, and live as independently as possible.

Focused Health Care is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, meaning we meet government safety and quality standards for providing services to people with a disability. We’re based in Brisbane, Moreton region and Townsville. You can access our services as a private client or by using your NDIS funding.

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Services Focused Health Care Offer

Support Coordination

Support Coordination

We are focused on finding the right supports who will listen to you and who you know you can trust. We understand how to implement your plan and achieve the best outcomes for you, so you can connect you with the community.

  • Plan Management
  • Support provider coordination
  • Therapeutic Supports
Call Support

Core Support

Support in the areas of daily living that matter most to you.

  • Daily tasks including housework
  • Transport for education, work or recreation
  • Consumables of everyday and nutricional needs
  • Social and Community Participation for camps, social outings and care.
Support Coordination

Ongoing Support Services

Assistance to aid your independent living.

  • Domestic assistance and cleaning services
  • Behaviour support
  • Clinical nursing care
  • Home modifications

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supports Australians aged 7-65 living with permanent disability. It’s there to provide the support you need to live more independently, participate in your community and achieve your goals.

Your NDIS plan is designed around your interests and goals. Then it funds the support you need to move towards those goals.

Using your NDIS plan to get the help you need

The funding in your NDIS plan is split into 3 categories:

  • Core Supports
  • Capacity Building Supports
  • Capital Supports

The support Focused Health provides can usually be funded through any of these three categories.


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funds support and services for Australians under 65 who are living with a permanent or significant disability.

The NDIS is designed to give you as much choice as possible over the services you receive. You can use the NDIS if you’re an Australian under 65 living with intellectual, physical, cognitive, sensory or psychosocial disabilities. You can also use the NDIS to get early intervention services for children with a disability.

Yes, you can. The NDIS aims to give you choice and control over the services you receive. If you’re not happy with your current provider, or if you need a different sort of service, you can choose to end your current service agreement and enter into a new one with another service provider.

If you want to change a service provider then:

  • Check the termination times in your service agreement
  • Make a written request to your current provider to end the agreement (you don’t have to explain why you want to change unless you wish to)
  • Ask them for a written reply
  • If the NDIA manages your funds, check to see that your booking has been cancelled so that your new provider is able to make bookings for you.

You can check whether you may be eligible for the NDIS here.

You must be:

  • Under 65
  • Living in Australia
  • An Australian citizen or holder of a Permanent or Protected Special Category Visa
  • Living with a significant and permanent disability that affects your life.

The NDIS funds many supports and services to help you pursue your goals, increase your independence, participate in your community, or gain education and employment.

NDIS supports and services must:

  • Be related to your disability
  • Represent value for money
  • Be likely to help you
  • Take into account other support you’re receiving, such as through your family or other government services.

You can’t use NDIS funding for daily costs of living that everyone faces, such as buying groceries.

You can read more about what the NDIS does and doesn’t fund here.

The NDIS is funded by the Australian government and by the states and territories. In effect, we all pay for the NDIS through our taxes. It’s an insurance scheme that any one of us might need at some point.

You don’t pay to use NDIS services. If you’re eligible for them, you’re given a certain amount of funding to spend to get the support you need.

The NDIS keeps a list of approved service providers here.

Focused Health Care is an approved service provider, meaning we meet government safety and quality standards.

We can. At Focused Healthcare, we understand how confusing the NDIS process can be. Give us a call on 1300 201 351 or 0499 487 728 and we’ll talk you through it.

The NDIS website also provides useful information to people seeking to use the NDIS.

A service agreement is a contract between you and your service provider(s). It should be a straightforward agreement that explains what services you’ll receive, how much you’ll pay for them, and how you can end the agreement if you choose to. It’s helpful to agree these things in writing so that you and your service provider both have the same understanding of your relationship.

You can read more about service agreements here.

It can be distressing to learn that you’re not eligible for NDIS support. The NDIS Local Area Coordinator can help you access other services. In many cases, you receive these services from the same organisations who provide NDIS services. The difference is in how the services are funded as, without NDIS support, you will usually have to pay privately.

The NDIS participant portal is called MyPlace. It’s part of their website where you can login to:

  • See you plan details
  • Check your personal details are correct
  • Read messages from the NDIS
  • Manage your NDIS money
  • Manage your service bookings
  • Upload documents
  • Find a service provider
  • Share your plan, or certain bits of it, with your service providers.

Here at Focused Health Care, we provide many services that support you to live more safely, more independently and with greater fulfilment.

We provide plan management, support coordination, core support, and a number of ongoing support services.

Registrations and Accreditations

Registered NDIS Provider
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