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We make it as easy as possible for you to access our services and are happy to guide you through the different funding options. We work with government agencies regularly and can help you make sense of their requirements.

We are a Registered NDIS provider, an Approved Aged Care provider, and a DVA Community Nursing provider. While the process of accessing our services varies a bit depending on where your funding comes from, our support remains the same.

My Aged Care
Private Services


  1. Call Focused Health Care on 1300 201 351 for a free in-home consultation. We will help contact My Aged Care or you can see your GP and ask for a My Aged Care referral code
  2. The government invites you to a My Aged Care Assessment to determine the level of support you need. Focused Health Care can be with you for this assessment.
  3. My Aged Care sends you an approval letter.
  4. My Aged Care puts you on the national waiting list for allocation of a Home Care Package (some people temporarily become private clients of Focused Health Care while waiting for their funding to come through).
  5. You reach the top of the waiting list and receive a Home Care Package letter. You contact us and we set up the services and care you need.

Ready for your free in-home consultation? Call us on 1300 201 351.


  1. To access our services as a DVA Community Nursing client, you need to:
    Get a referral for community nursing services that outlines the care you are to receive, e.g. a daily nursing visit. This referral can come from: Your GP, a Nurse Practitioner specialising in a community nursing field, a doctor who’s treated you in hospital, a hospital discharge planner, someone in the a Veterans’ Home Care (VHC) Assessment Agency
  2. Call Focused Health Care on 1300 201 351 for a free in-home consultation.
  3. Begin using our services and benefitting from help at home.

Ready for your free in-home consultation? Call us on 1300 201 351.


  1. Call the National Disability Insurance Agency on 1800 800 110 and check whether you are eligible to receive NDIS funding.
  2. If you are eligible, then you make an Access Request to the NDIS by answering some questions about your disability and providing certain documents such as reports from specialists (we can help you gather these documents if you wish).
  3. If the NDIS decides to give you funding, you’re invited to a Planning Meeting. This is a very important meeting where the NDIS representatives decide how much funding to give you and for which services. You should prepare well for this meeting, Focused Health Care is able to help you prepare and come along at your invitation and help you present your case to the NDIS.
  4. When your NDIS funding is approved, you become known as an NDIS Participant. The NDIS aims to give you choice and control over the services you use, meaning you can choose your own service providers. We hope you’ll choose us. If you do, then it’s time to call us on 1300 201 351 for a free in-home consultation. This is where we get to know each other better, look at the funding you’ve been given, and work out which services will suit you best.
  5. Start receiving the services in your NDIS Plan.
  6. After 11 months or so, we review your progress, report back to the NDIS, and help you prepare your NDIS Plan for the following year.

Ready for your free in-home consultation? Call us on 1300 201 351.


Focused Health Care offers flexibility and customised care. This enables you to stay in your own home with a package of care that meets your needs.

There are no eligibility requirements to be met if you’re paying for your own support. Simply contact us on 1300 201 351 and let us know what you need. We’ll come out to meet with you in person and we’ll work out a way forward together.

Some people use this option entirely. Others use it as a temporary measure while waiting for funding approval from the NDIS or another scheme.

Ready for your free in-home consultation? Call us on 1300 201 351.


You have choice and control over who comes into your home. That means you’re able to end any agreement with your existing service provider and join us. We’d love to work with you and show you the Focused Health Care difference. We can liaise with your old provider for a handover and to sort out any financial matters.

If your needs change or if something isn’t working well for you, then please tell us. We’re happy to adapt to suit you better, whether that’s by sending a different carer to get past a personality clash, changing the timing or nature of services, or adding in more support (where funding allows).

If you’re not happy with our services and would like to switch from us to another provider, then we ask for two weeks’ written notice. We don’t charge exit fees – we want you to be happy with your care and we don’t charge you for exercising your right to choose.

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