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In-home Nursing

Whether you need support recovering from injury or surgery, or you’re living with a chronic condition, our In-home clinical nursing team will work with you to determine your health and care needs, and tailor a plan that suits you.

Our team work in the Brisbane North, Moreton Bay and Townsville area, and are highly-qualified with years of experience.
They provide palliative care, aged care and care for chronic conditions, like diabetes.
Your care is in your control. You tell us what you need and we’ll work with you to make sure that we provide it.

What does In-home Nursing help with?

If you need experienced nursing care in your own home, then we’re here for you. Our capable and compassionate nurses provide a full range of services, including:

  • Personal and wound care for a wide range of health conditions
  • Supporting you after surgery or injury
  • Designing and implementing therapeutic regimens
  • Managing medication and referrals
  • Ordering and interpreting pathology and radiology tests
  • Accessing the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
  • Providing education and counselling to you and your family
Respite Services for Carers
In-home Nursing for diabetes

In-home Nursing for diabetes

Managing diabetes can be complex and understandably overwhelming. We’re here to help. Our Diabetes Nurse Practitioner will work with you to develop a diabetes management plan that helps you live your life well, alongside the condition.
This includes:

  • Helping you understand what living with diabetes means for you
  • Monitoring your blood glucose levels
  • Checking your food
  • Monitoring your medication
  • Accessing the National Diabetes Services Scheme
  • Delivering your insulin injections

How our In-home Nursing care will benefit you and your family


You receive professional care from a qualified nurse

Our Registered Nurses are educated and highly-trained professionals. They graduate with a bachelor’s degree and go on to complete their studies at a Masters level. Finally, they are certified at a national level with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA). All of this education is combined with a deep sense of care and pride in our work.


You get flexible and supportive care options

Whether your family needs palliative care at home, or ongoing diabetes care, we’ll provide advice and support for your family.
Each family’s needs are different and your care plan should reflect this. Our nurses are clinically experienced to know what you need, provide advice and ensure you’re getting the care you deserve.


Your care goes beyond the home

We’ll make it easy to get holistic care from all of the healthcare professionals supporting you. We’ll work with other health professionals, like your GP, specialists or other nurse providers to ensure you receive consistent, quality care.

minimise spending time in hospital

You minimise spending time in hospital

In-home Nursing care means that you’re cared for at home where you’re more at ease, in your own familiar surroundings. You also avoid the risks associated with being in hospital, like infections, falls, or errors in medication management.