What does a disability support worker do?

Are you interested in work that is meaningful?

Do you wish you could make the most of your people skills? 

Do you want to do something different each day?

Do you love the idea of helping someone to live independently and fulfil their potential?

Are you confident working autonomously and problem-solving?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then you might be interested in doing disability support work.

What is a disability support worker?

A disability support worker assists people living in the community who have a disability and supports them to live a full and healthy life. They perform various tasks such as helping their clients access social events or activities, assisting with personal hygiene and care, and other daily tasks. 

Daily tasks are as unique as the clients you work with, but they often include:

  • Assisting with personal care
  • Support with minor medical assistance such as taking medication or managing insulin levels
  • Taking part in training and staff meetings
  • Providing domestic assistance such as dressing and cleaning
  • Monitoring clients and writing reports on their health and wellbeing
  • Assisting with social activities, employment and skill-building

Disability support work is a job market that is expected to continue growing according to the National Skills Commission. The number of jobs in disability support work is expected to grow to 341,800 by 2026, a considerable increase of 28% from 2021.

Do disability support workers require a qualification?

Many disability support workers hold a Certificate III or IV in Aged Care, Disability Support, or Individual Support. However, it is not necessary to have a certificate in order to work as a disability support worker in Australia. 

If you would like to work as a disability support worker and still get your Certificate qualification to increase your employability, you can begin work as a disability support worker now and then gain your qualification while you are working on the job.

Why do people become disability support workers?

Not only is it a rewarding job, disability support work has a range of benefits that can make it an attractive career choice.

Benefits of being a disability support worker:

  • Your job has real meaning. Rather than sit in an office all day or work in retail, you can do a job that you know is improving people’s lives every day.
  • You can put your people skills to work. When you work closely with clients every day, you can build a professional relationship that is truly rewarding.
  • Variety. Being a disability support worker often means that you work with a range of different clients, supporting them with a different tasks. From helping your client with daily tasks to catching a movie or going to a disco, you’ll enjoy plenty of variety.
  • Flexibility. Disability support workers often get to set their hours. You can work at all times of the day or night, 7 days a week. If you are studying, working multiple jobs, or you want to work outside school hours, then this job can provide you with the flexibility that you need. 
  • Using your problem-solving skills. Whether it’s figuring out how to make your client smile or managing your time to ensure everything is completed on time, you can put your problem-solving skills to the test every day.
  • The opportunity to work independently. Working as a disability support worker allows you to work independently and manage your own time. 
  • Gaining valuable industry experience. If you’re a student getting your qualification in a similar industry, such as social work, nursing, aged care, physiotherapy or psychology, then working as a support worker can provide you with valuable skills and hands-on experience. If you’re looking to work as a support worker, you can get started on your career today!
  • Enjoying unique activities. You can match your interests and passions with those of your client. Maybe your client loves reading, so you go to the library with them. Or possibly you’re both fishing buffs or fitness enthusiasts and you spend your time at the local lake, beach or the gym. 

How do I get started as a disability support worker?

To get started as a disability support worker, all you need is a resume and a cover letter. Once you have listed your experience and skills, you can apply directly to disability service providers.

Here at Focused Health Care we are currently seeking disability support workers in Brisbane and Townsville, who would be interested in working for an ethical company that prioritises clients and will support you to develop your skills and knowledge in the industry.

Would you like to learn more about being a disability support worker? Give our friendly team a call and have a chat about whether this would be the right step for you and your career. 

Don’t wait – call us now on 1300 201 351. 

If you’ve heard enough and you’re confident that this is the right job for you, then head over to our careers page and apply now: https://www.focusedhealthcare.com.au/careers/

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