Why Choose Focused Health Care for Home Care Cleaning Services?

Benefits of Spring Cleaning with Our Home Care Cleaners

At Focused Health Care, we support your wish to stay in your own home for as long as possible. We believe, with the right in-home services, you can maintain your independence and preserve your emotional and physical well-being.

As we age, our mobility changes, which may limit our ability to tackle everyday tasks like cleaning. Or perhaps you might prefer spending quality time with loved ones or engaging in activities you cherish, rather than spending hours on household chores. Choosing in-home support services, such as Focused Healthcare’s Home Care Cleaning service, isn’t just a matter of convenience; it’s an invaluable investment in your time, health and safety.

Why Choose Focused Health Care for Home Care Cleaning Services?

There are plenty of reasons to hire Home Care Cleaning services:

  • Safety Assurance: Our cleaning teams are trained to identify and mitigate safety hazards in your home, ensuring you have a secure and safe living space
  • Health Protection: We use non-toxic cleaning chemicals, microfibre cloths, and vacuum cleaners that have 99.9% filters, which means that they don’t extract bad air for clients with respiratory problems. We follow stringent cleaning protocols, to reduce infection risks and maintain good health.
  • Customised cleaning: We tailor our home care cleaning services to your individual needs.You can let us know what you prefer to be done, or what you would like us to focus on. We can clean windows, dust your picture frames, get busy with a deep spring cleaning, or simply help you to finally clean those hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Reduced physical load: Let us handle the heavy lifting and serious scrubbing so you can spend time doing the things you love.
  • Peace of Mind: A tidy home translates to a calm mind. Your home is your sanctuary, and a mess-free environment promotes relaxation.
  • Pride in Your Space: A clean, inviting home is one you’ll want to share with friends and family. This encourages social connections, which are integral to emotional well-being.

These services are available to you, whether you’re currently a client of Focused Health Care or not. Reach out to discover how we can assist you today.

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