In Home Aged Care

6 Signs You Could Benefit From In-home Aged Care

If it’s becoming more difficult to manage at home, then you may benefit from some in-home care so you can stay at home on your own terms.

If you qualify for a government funded home care package, you can receive different kinds of support to help you continue living in your own home

But how do you know when you’re ready for a bit of extra help?

1. You Value Your Independence

You’ve made your own decisions for a long time now. You’ve worked, raised a family, and contributed to your community. Maybe you’ve travelled the world too. You’re used to making your own choices and you want to continue doing so.

But, perhaps, you’re finding it harder to manage. You don’t want to lose your independence but you would like some extra support.

2. You Still Like Living at Home

You probably do, but it’s always good to start with asking whether your current home is still the place you want to be.

Often, the answer is a definite ‘yes’. It’s probably full of happy memories of raising your kids and entertaining friends. And now you may be making new memories there playing with your grandchildren.

In-home care exists because people want to remain in their own homes but have begun to need extra support to do so.

3. …But It’s Getting Harder to Manage the Place

Looking after a home takes quite a bit of work. There’s all the food shopping, cleaning, cooking and gardening to do. It’s not easy to stay on top of it all. Indeed, a common cause of falls in older men is falling from a ladder while working on the house.

home care package offers some respite from all that. If you’re eligible, you can get someone to help you with:

  • Household chores
  • Home and garden maintenance
  • Modifying your home to make it safer, for example by installing ramps or shower rails to prevent falls.

A home care package can help keep your home safe and well maintained so that it continues to be a pleasant place to live.

4. You Need Help With Personal Care

You might need a bit of maintenance too! It may have become tricky to get in and out of the shower, look after your feet or get in and out of bed.

In-home services can help you maintain your personal hygiene and grooming. Someone you trust and feel comfortable with will be there to help you bathe. You can also get allied health professionals to help you with podiatry, occupational therapy or physiotherapy needs to help you maintain your movement and mobility. They can also help you with meals, ensuring you’re receiving proper nutrition.

5. You Have Some Medications to Manage

As you get older, you’re more likely to be living with multiple ongoing health issues that need regular medications. Maybe it’s arthritis or diabetes, a heart condition or even cancer. In-home nurses can help you to manage your health and take your medications regularly and at the right time.

6. You’ve Got Places to Go But Need Help Getting There

No one wants to be stuck at home but it can get harder to go out if you’re no longer able to drive. A home care package can be used for transport needs, meaning you can more easily travel to social activities or medical appointments.

That’s good for both your mental and physical health. It means you can keep getting advice and treatment from health professionals to keep your body in good condition. And you can keep taking part in your community, maintaining friendships and enjoyable activities outside your home.

If you’d like a bit of extra help to stay in your own home, then Focused Health Care is here for you. We’re a family business and we treat you like family too. You’ll receive personalised care and support from the same one or two people, so that you can get to know each other and build up a relationship.

Please get in touch. We’re looking forward to helping you maintain your independence at home.

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