Financing In-Home Aged Care Guide

Download Our Guide To Financing In-Home Aged Care

Our guide covers:
Applying for and using My Aged Care funding
How the Commonwealth Home Support Programme works
How it affects the pension
Choosing an aged care provider
The support offered by Focused Health Care

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    How My Aged Care Can Help You

    Home Care Packages For Every Type Of Care

    We provide the services you need to continue living in your own home and living the life you want with packages covering everything from cooking meals or walking your dog, to massage therapy and registered nurse care



      • Cleaning
      • Home-cooked meals
      • Pet-space cleaning
      • Shopping
      • Arranging for home maintenance such as lawn mowing or gutter cleaning
      • Arranging for tradies to complete minor repairs


      • Personal care
      • Nursing care
      • Connecting you to our network of allied health professionals
      • Helping you follow care plans (e.g. doing your physio exercises)


      • Social outings
      • Companionship
      • Arranging for hairdressing
      • Transport (fee per km)
      • Carer’s break (respite)
      • Pet care


    We provide the services you need to continue living in your own home, enjoying your familiar surroundings and living the life you want.

    We help with those tasks that have become too difficult for you now. But we see beyond that too. We see you as you really are — a person with a fascinating life history who’s made a significant contribution to their family and their community over the years.

    Our ethos and the quality of the service we provide is what makes people choose us.  When you come to us, we work through the funding you’ve been given and we decide together how best to spend that funding.

    Then we start providing you with the support you need to live at home for as long as possible.


    • Are a family owned business – we treat staff and clients like family
    • Are operated by Registered Nurses – we have a lot of clinical expertise managing the business
    • Have no wait lists – we get people started with us as soon as possible
    • Have a 24/7 phone line – we are contactable 24/7 to help wherever needed
    • Have no call centers – we don’t outsource to a call center. We don’t use hold music. there’s always someone at the other end of the phone ready to talk.
    • Believe in client-carer matching – we match clients to staff that are a good fit for each other to make the whole experience more enjoyable.
    • Provide 1-2 carers maximum – we make sure there’s no more than two carers for our clients wherever possible. This way, a relationship can be formed and rapport built.

    If you’d like to learn more about how we may be able to help you, then please get in touch today.

    Registrations and Accreditations

    Registered NDIS Provider

    How We Help You

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