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A quick guide on how to make an NDIS plan work for you

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Whether you have an NDIS plan or are thinking of applying for the NDIS, our quick guide gives you all the information you need to make it easy.

    Do you have a current NDIS Plan?

    About Our NDIS Services

    We know that your disability doesn’t define you. You’re a unique person with your own interests, relationships and aspirations. Our job is to provide the support you need to develop your skills, explore your interests, and live as independently as possible.

    Focused Health Care is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, meaning we meet government safety and quality standards for providing services to people with a disability. We’re based in Brisbane and Townsville but we provide services to clients across Queensland.

    You can access our services as a private client or by using your NDIS funding. This page explains how to become an NDIS participant and explains the services we provide.

    Services Focused Health Care Offer

    Planning Management

    Plan Management

    Learn more about how our Plan Management Team work with you

    Plan Management

    Our Plan Management Team helps you get the most out of your NDIS funding. You can include ‘plan management’ or ‘improved life choices’ service in your plan at no extra charge.

    NDIS participants who use a plan manager to manage their NDIS plan can choose to use both NDIS registered providers and non-registered providers for their supports and services.

    Plan management is a partnership approach to your NDIS plan. You and your plan manager play different roles to ensure you gain the most benefits (and the least hassle) from your NDIS funding.

    Your Focused Health Care plan manager will take care of the financial side of your NDIS plan such as:

    • Claiming from the NDIA
    • Paying providers
    • Processing your expenses
    • Providing you with a monthly statement.

    You retain choice and control over your NDIS plan. That means:

    • Choice over the services you purchase, who provides them and how much you pay for them
    • Control over when and how those services are delivered.
    Support Coordination

    Support Coordination

    Understand how we implement your plan & connect you with the community

    Support Coordination

    Focused Health Care’s support coordination service helps you to understand and implement your plan, linking you to community, mainstream and government services.

    Your support coordinator helps you to build the skills needed to manage your plan. We help you increase your ability to exercise choice and control, coordinate your supports and participate in your local community.

    Call Support

    Core Support

    Learn about the Core Support Services we assist you with

    Core Support

    Focused Health Care’s core support services are designed to support you in the areas of daily living that matter most to you.

    There are four core support service subcategories:

    Daily Tasks – We assist you in daily tasks and duties, like household work, that allow you to live as autonomously and independently as possible.

    Transport – Providing you with travel and transport for educational, work, or recreation so you can get to the places that matter most.

    Consumables – Assisting you as needed with the purchase of everyday items including interpreting or translating products and assisting you in meeting your nutritional needs.

    Assistance with Social and Community Participation – Supporting you to participate in the social or recreational activities that you are or want to be involved in, including assistance with camps, vacation care or course/membership feeds.

    Support Coordination

    Ongoing Support Services

    Find out about the ongoing support we provide to suit your living needs

    Ongoing Support Services

    Focused Health Care offer ongoing support services and assistance to be there to aid in your independent living every single day.

    Ongoing Support Services we offer:

    Assistance with personal activities

    Assistance with transitions or adapting to new circumstances

    • Assistance with transport
    • Domestic assistance
    • Behaviour support
    • Home care
    • Community nursing care
    • Help with daily tasks
    • Shared living
    • Group/centre activities
    • Home modification
    • Household tasks
    • Innovative community participation
    • Therapeutic support.
    • Plan Management
    • Support Coordination
    • Therapeutic Supports

    When you choose a provider, you’ll enter into a service agreement with them. This is a written agreement that outlines what you’ll receive and at what price. It’ll also outline the process for ending the agreement if your needs or preferences change.


    The NDIS funding process takes a bit of time and we understand that you may need help right away.

    You can use Focused Health Care’s services as a private client while you wait to hear about your NDIS funding (or instead of NDIS funding if you weren’t eligible).

    Registrations and Accreditations

    Registered NDIS Provider

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