What our Clients have to say

Meet Graham

I’ve been with Focused Health Care for about four months now. Previously I had services before joining Focused Health Care but they only came once a week – and that just wasn’t enough for me.

Now that I’m with Focused Health Care I find the service very, very good. I find that I’m really happy with Focused Health Care.

They take me for a walk, they clean my house, and have a chat with me. Which is just about all I need.  I like to go for walks but I sometimes lack confidence in myself. I can get around by myself, but I sometimes fall over but I haven’t had a fall since being with Focused Health Care.

My favourite thing about Focused Health Care is how lovely and nice the carers are. They are always happy to have a chat. No complaints at all.
I would definitely recommend Focused Health Care to a friend or a loved one. All I would say to them is if they’re after good service – go to Focused Health Care. Nothing more – because at the end of the day that’s all you need. Good service.

–  Graham, a Focused Health Care Client

Meet Betty

Before when I was with another provider I felt overlooked – they weren’t reliable.  There were always sudden changes of service – most of the time I didn’t know who was coming into my own house or when they were coming. Sometimes I was overlooked and didn’t receive any services at all.

Now that I’m with Focused Health Care everything has changed for the better. Focused Health Care is different because they always notify me if there’s a change and they keep me in the loop. I am most happy with the service Focused Health Care gives me, it’s of great quality.

I would highly recommend Focused Health Care and I already have done so in the past. When I’m talking about Focused Health Care to my friends, family and loved ones I say it’s the best service I’ve ever had. If they’re after good service and care I recommend that they come see what Focused Health Care has to offer.

–  Betty, a Focused Health Care Client

Lin’s story

Lin understands just how important a helping hand can be.  Her mother moved in with her after her health deteriorated.
“As mums’ dementia progressed I realized I needed some additional support, which is when we contacted Focused Health Care.”
“Though we were hesitant to engage a support provider, we were so glad we did, and I’d encourage anyone who is considering support to reach out to Focused Health Care”

–  Lin, a Focused Health Care Client

Bill’s story

“I was having difficulty moving and it was affecting my ability to play bowls.  I just wanted to play one game a week with my friends.  Focused Health Care worked with me and we developed a plan to improve my movement. After regular physio and hydrotherapy sessions I was able to achieve this ”

–  Bill, a Focused Health Care Client